Welcome to my website!

I'm a soprano who loves to have fun,

so come discover the many facets

of a joyful artistic universe.


Inspired by opera and humour,

world music and classical music, the circus and variety,

I create unique performances and original shows

that audiences around the world can enjoy.


Natalie Choquette, soprano


La Diva Malbouffa 2 - Kakophonia


My first children's show "La Diva Malbouffa 1" was so well received - with over 500 performances in theatres, festivals and elementary schools - that I wrote a whole new adventure for Mimi the Diva. Just like the previous Diva Malbouffa, it's fun, educational, visually appealing, and young audiences will definitely be thrilled. > Suite...



Natalie Choquette, soprano


Mademoiselle Myrtille

A musical story with a book and CD


"Mademoiselle Myrtille" means Miss Blueberry, and young readers embark with the fearless Mademoiselle on a journey to New France as they listen to the narrator and the songs on the CD. The story features a cast of amusing characters, plenty of sound effects and beautiful traditional melodies. > Suite...

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Soprano and comedienne Natalie Choquette has created a diversity of shows for audiences of all ages. From the flamboyant "La Fettucini" to the adorable Mimi Malbouffa, her extravagant divas light up the stage with their sparkling personalities.