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Diva By Night




Diva By Night


It's been raining in London for months...


The gloomy skies have even put a crimp in Elizabeth the First's love life!


What's a Royal to do? When even a cup of the best tea cannot bring cheer to Her Highness, she embarks on a therapeutic trip to the Côte d'Azur...


Accompanied by a talented court musician, the Queen pours out her feelings in song, revealing a few state secrets along the way. Through uplifting arias, breathtaking classics as well as popular vintage tunes, Elizabeth follows her fancy and we are superbly entertained! The warm cabaret ambiance and glorious, extravagant costumes by designer Rossignol all add to the enjoyment.


Refreshing and witty, this musical fantasy inspired by historical facts is the perfect escape. It sparkles like the Crown Jewels, showcasing the unique facets of lyric soprano-comedienne Natalie Choquette.


Diva Malbouffa




Diva Malbouffa 2 - Kakophonia


Mimi la Diva Malbouffa arrive de la bibliothèque en chantant de l'opéra.

Elle apprend que ses amis sont invités à la fête de Gustave

où ils dégusteront de la malbouffe. Mimi Malbouffa salive déjà!


Mais lorsqu'elle se rend compte qu'elle n'a pas reçu de carton d'invitation, elle explose!


Un nouvel opéra-bouffe savoureux, un palpitant voyage musical à travers lequel on y découvre la Nouvelle-France et où les jeunes aideront Mimi à faire le choix de saines habitudes de vie.


Tout un défi !



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Diva Malbouffa




Diva Malbouffa


The curtain rises as Mimi the Diva and her Maestro Figaro are expected for their concert at the opera... But Mimi doesn't feel well at all! She is suffering from indigestion, after having had too much fast food. What should she do? Mimi and Figaro ask the audience to help them find the magic recipe - the one that will get the Diva back into singing shape. While naming wholesome ingredients, the children participate in a mini-opera: "The Magic Food" by Wolfyummy Amadelicious Mozarella. "A bunch of greens, a dash of Verdi, a plate of fish à la Bellini, a bowl of fruit, a glass of milk, and to keep strong our beating heart we dance to Bizet and Mozart!

Beaucoup de verdure, un brin de Verdi,
Du poisson et des fruits à la Rossini.
Mozart et Bizet, mon lait s’il-te-plaît,
On bouge et on danse, adieu le gras trans!




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La complainte des Dames de ces Messieurs




Le Noël de la Diva


Un spectacle magique pour le temps des fêtes!


La Diva vous offre les plus beaux airs de Noël pour vous mettre dans l'ambiance du temps des Fêtes : un vrai cadeau pour les oreilles et le cœur!



Plusieurs formules disponibles :


Offrez-vous un voyage autour du monde et célébrez Noël en découvrant plusieurs cultures internationales, sur des rythmes variés et dans diverses langues.


Ajoutez une touche personnelle à ce concert en joignant la voix des choristes de chez vous à la celle de la Diva Natalie Choquette.


Élaborez avec la Diva un formule festive avec instrumentistes, plus traditionnelle avec orgue et chœur ou acoustique, dans un lieu plus intime.


La complainte des Dames de ces Messieurs




Her Point of View


It all began with the mistress of Guillaume Le Macho...

For the first time in history, Ms. Péronnelle d’Armentières, Mrs. Bach, Mrs. Mozart, Mrs. Mahler, Mrs Puccini and many more, share their marital problems with us!

In a melodious lament, the life partners of famous composers spill out their hearts and reveal the not so glamorous side of their amorous relationship.

With utmost sensitivity and humor, fanciful Diva Natalie Choquette sings about the ladies' day-to-day frustrations while the Maestro portrays each of the gifted "hubby-composers", quill pen and baton in hand!

This original and unique show not only reveals exquisite historical gossip but also caresses the ears of the spectators with magnificent vocal and symphonic masterpieces. Such is the loving legacy of each of these great composers in the shadow of whom lies... a grand lady!

La Mamma


La Mamma


She's been there,

She's done that,

She's heard and seen it all!

She's zany,

She's brainy,

And craves the curtain call!

She glistens, But listens, And gives groovy advice!

Those who've seen her once

Will want to see her thrice!


"My name is Mrs. O Sole Mio, but you can call me Mamma."

Born in Naples, Mamma moved to America with her favorite pasta and a song for every mood.


After working for years as a cook at the local pizzeria, she is suddenly kicked upstairs as international speaker and life coach for the rich and famous. A hysterical moving musical show about Mamma and her favorite issues: life, love, gossip, in-laws and overcooked spaghetti.


Never a dull moment with Mamma!


Diva à la Carte




La Diva à la carte


After striking artistic hits around the world with “La Diva & le Maestro”, the eccentric Divas are back by popular demand!

Renowned for her unbridled creativity, la comedic diva Natalie Choquette portrays new playful prima donna characters in a brilliant original mise en scène which offers once again a totally new entertaining approach to opera.

You will encounter Marie-Antoinette doing a baroque strip-tease, Manon Let’sgo serving as hostess on Air France, Mrs. Won Ton, leading souplano of Beijing Opera, Lady Go Diva and her beautiful anglosaxophone voice….


Singing the most famous arias with passion and glamour, these divine flamboyant ladies will entertain and move you while making you discover the beauty of opera!
Audience participation, humor, emotion and beauty guaranteed!








Inspired by the 3 Félix award-winning Æterna CD collection (“Æterna”, “Æterna Romantica” and “Æterna Celesta”) la Diva Natalie Choquette offers you a deep spiritual and meditative concert that will soothe your soul.

You will be moved by the irresistible beauty of Caccini’s Ave Maria, Mozart’s Exsultate Jubilate, Franck’s Panis Angelicus, Bach’s Air on G String and many more…

A healing experience for the soul!

This concert was created in order to help with the fundraising campaigns of the Quebec Cancer Foundation .

This concert is available with or without choir (invite your local choir to come and sing these celestial melodies with Natalie Choquette, and let them bring their friends and family to watch the performance).


Blue Mamy




Blue Mamy


The story takes place in Louisiana…


The daughter of an American father and a Cajun mother, Angéline, tells us the tragic and moving story of her nanny “Blue Mamy” while singing the beautiful “Negro Spirituals” that rocked her childhood.


Diva et le Maestro




La Diva et le Maestro


Unheard of!


A Maestro is trying to come to terms with eccentric internationally renowned divas such as “la Fettucini”, “Fraulein Wienerschnitzel”, “Nadia Camenitchaïkovskyaya”, “Mrs Osolemio” and many more...!


To the ecstatic audience’s delight, these off-the-wall divas dressed in outrageous costumes perform with the utmost pristine voice, the greatest hits of opera, from Verdi to Bizet via Gershwin and Puccini whilst doing a manicure or a headstand, teasing the Maestro, dancing with a member of the audience, hanging their laundry, eating spaghetti or gargling with red wine! “La Diva & le Maestro”, an exhilarating and moving show which has mesmerized many audiences around the world, reflects the unbridled creativity of Natalie Choquette, a diva who does not take herself for… a Diva!



Chiquita Choquetta




Chiquita Choquetta


¡Hola! Are you craving for a Latina Fiesta?

Welcome to La Diva Chiquita Choquetta’s voyage to “el mundo latino”!

You will be charmed by the rhythm and color of this bright sunny show which will take you on a musical voyage to Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Cuba and other hot spots…

Flamboyant costumes, humor and audience participation guaranteed!